(Photo: Courtesy Brevard County Clerk of Courts)The television

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wholesale jerseys from china Broken glass was scattered over the filthy carpet from a Coca Cola bottle that had likely been cracked over Nardi’s head.The Palm Bay trailer where 55 year old Helen Nardi was stabbed to death in 1983.(Photo: Courtesy Brevard County Clerk of Courts)The television was on in the kitchen. Broken offhandles of an ice pick and steak knife were soaking in a cup of water in the dish filled sink.”Look at her knees,” Parkins told investigators. “It looks like she’s been dragged.”Up the road from the Fitzsimmons Trailer Park, Gary Bennett, his father and step mother loaded into their car to head to the hospital.. wholesale jerseys from china

Joe was an outstanding athlete, playing hockey, baseball and football. He played for the Highlawn Jersey Ice Hockey team and was a member of the 1966 Pittsfield High School State Championship Baseball Team. In his later years Joe was an avid outdoorsman and golfer.

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Cheap Jerseys from china We told none of the injuries were life threatening.Mobile Police Officer Terence Perkins is calling it a random act of violence. Williams has no criminal record and both goodwill employees and customers say they didn’t know him.Witnesses and police say drugs may have been involved.”It looked like he was on drugs, said witness James Remendo, who helped subdue Williams before police arrived. Eyes were kind of bugged and he was going in and out of consciousness as he was standing.”never had an encounter with law enforcement, said Officer Perkins. Cheap Jerseys from china

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